Lots of people claim they would walk over hot coals for their customers, but that is now true of one remover in the south, Britannia Reeves of Petersfield. On the 16th March, Andy Shotbolt, director of Britannia Reeves and three of his gallant workers, Matt Ede (Operations Manager), Darren Creasey and Gavin Rabbets, both drivers, literally walked over hot coals to raise money for the Rainbow Centre in Fareham. The Rainbow Centre works hard to inspire and support children with Cerebral Palsy, and also adults with stroke, MS, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, and head injuries.

Through a system of learning called Conductive Education they encourage and teach children and other participants to take an active role in their own development. The children/participants learn new ways to become active and happy individuals who are proud of their own achievements and ready for life’s challenges. They focus on what you CAN DO and inspire all children and other participants reach their full potential.

Andy and Matt followed up on this by taking a full size removal truck to the centre with stacks of boxes for the children to play with. He also presented a cheque for £1,235 to Sarah Hudson, Corporate Fundraiser for the centre. Sarah said “All the children (and the staff too!) loved the truck and asking you all those fascinating questions…. who would believe you had transported a stuffed warthog!

The boxes you left for the children will add to the fun over the next week or so although we will regularly check no children inside and teddy bears only go in the flat lying down ones to comply with your company requirements!!”

Well done Andy and his team and we are pleased to report that none of them sustained any injuries!