Two Christchurch men, Adam Elcock and Grant Drummond, have created an on-line start up called ‘ShedSpace’ which has a similar modus operandi as Airbnb in that it brings together those who need some storage with those who have free space, as they put it “Cutting out the storage bigwigs through the power of community”.

The idea is to connect someone who has an empty room or attic with someone who needs to find a safe home to store their possessions. It can even include parking spaces, sheds and garages. ShedSpace say you can join them for free and be assured that their insurance will cover your goods up to £2,000. There is a formal code of conduct and the service is designed for local use only which currently covers a central coastal region from Bournemouth to Brighton and as far north as Basingstoke.

ShedSpace say the cost of the space is agreed between the two parties and then the agreements and insurance are organised through ShedSpace. Their website says ‘Our renters stick to our code of conduct, and the best ones get the best visibility. That means that the community’s encouraged to be helpful and friendly, which comes full circle, and shines through in everyone’s experience. It’s also super easy to get started. Just sign up, key in your postcode and you’re off.’

Err, any comments from the self-store community?