In our monthly research for newsworthy stories we sometimes come across the odd snippet that makes us query if modern life really is ‘goodish’!

It appears that Lok’nStore recently opened a new self-storage operation in Exeter. They duly applied for and received planning permission which notes ‘it’s remote from any sensitive land uses such as housing and not within an area with designated and sensitive area such as green belt. As such the property has a commercial rather than residential character, where a degree of commercial advertisement display is to be expected and is considered acceptable in planning terms.”

Image by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay

However it would appear residents nearby (well, 3 miles away apparently) have said ‘it glows like the sun’…..

Lok’nStore clad the building in orange and topped that off with a lovely illuminated sign. Here’s wishing Lok’nStore all the best for their newest development which you can’t miss…just look for a glowing sun!

Our thanks to Devon Live for the original story which you can find at Residents’ Fury at Eyesore Bright Orange Building That ‘Glows Like The Sun’