Pickfords have put out an appeal on social media to try to find the owner of a sporting medal they found trapped in the folds of an old box.

The gold medal was awarded at the 2009 Paralympic World Cup in Manchester, and was found at the company’s storage facility in Wembley. Unfortunately Pickfords have been unable to trace the customer who lost it due to a computer system upgrade. That is why they decided to take to social media in an attempt to track down the owner with this post: “We’ve found Paralympic World Cup 2009 medal for Track Cycling stuck in the folds of an old box. We’d love to reunite it with its owner, please share so we can find them!”

The medal – which presumably has great sentimental value for the person who won it – was found in May when a member of Pickfords staff was preparing to recycle some boxes. Caught in the folds of a carton, it wasn’t immediately visible.

This story was picked up by the London Evening Standard, but as far as we know the medal still hasn’t been reunited with its owner. Pickfords Lyndsey Wallbank told the Evening Standard “A medal for sport at this level is such an important achievement. As it was a single item in an unmarked box, we have no idea where it came from or how long it has been here. Now that it has been found we hope we can reunite the medal with its owner.”
The Paralympic World Cup was held annually in Manchester between 2005 and 2013, but has now been replaced by other disability athletics events.