Having recently missed a road sign myself I found this press release from the AA about overgrown bushes hiding road signs very interesting. Clearly this issue is becoming more of a problem for motorists. “Apparently, an AA-Populus Driver Poll of more than 16,000 found that two fifths (40%) of drivers say that speed limit and warning signs being blocked by overgrown foliage on local roads are causing problems.

The same survey also found:

  •  More than two fifths (42%) say that sight lines at junctions were now a problem because of overgrown shrubs and long grass
  • Two fifths (39%) said that obscured direction signs were a problem due to overhanging branches.

A recent investigation by the AA found that some local authorities are reducing their verge maintenance budgets despite receiving increased revenues from parking charges and bus lane infringements”.

There is an underlying danger manifesting itself on the unsuspecting as in the same press release it goes on to say ‘According to Reported road casualties Great Britain: 2015, masked signs and overgrown vegetation contributed to more than 1000 casualties including three fatalities.

Edmund King, AA president says “Drivers are becoming increasingly concerned about the upkeep of our verges, and it is clear the problem isn’t going away.

“Highways authorities may think reducing the number of times a hedge or a tree is trimmed throughout the year is an easy cost saving measure, but cut backs can have consequences’.

We all know from our gardens that if you leave any vegetation it will grow out of control, so by councils and other responsible bodies reduce this simple task it will put lives at risk.

Courtesy of the AA (Press Release issued 20 July 2017)