Back in the day….when we had a removal for any European country, we had to undergo a time-consuming process of completing the correct paperwork before setting off. If memory serves, this included a C273, C2L, a full and detailed inventory, a carnet de passage and more.

Why am I mentioning this? Well, at the point of Brexit negotiations where we seem to have reached a stalemate, I can see this horrific process returning and possibly with knobs on!!! The RHA is astounded by the recent Government suggestion that hauliers should consider alternative modes of transport to move goods between the UK and EU in the event of a ‘no-deal’. Is there such a thing as an alternative mode of transport for removals of household items?

In addition there is currently no advice for goods being transported between the UK and Ireland. Richard Burnett (Chief Executive of the RHA) has said “It’s essential that if there’s a “no deal” it is accompanied with the already agreed implementation period to give businesses a chance to avoid chaos in the supply chain.” He has called on the EU to recognise that striking a deal on Brexit is in the best interests of everyone – whether in the UK or EU.

So far the Government has provided guidelines and scenarios, the latest issued on the 24 September which you can find in detail at:

One small ray of sunshine in the guidelines concerns the Driver CPC. The government have said ‘Little will change in practice regarding how UK drivers can obtain their CPC certification. The government is putting in place a CPC scheme to reflect the fact that we will have left the EU, but we have no immediate plans to change any of the standards that drivers have to meet and, until further notice and giving due warning, existing CPC qualifications will continue to be valid. The UK will continue to recognise the EU CPC for EU drivers, including EU drivers working for UK businesses’.