Tax it or lose it!

The DVLA have started a new campaign targeting drivers who haven’t taxed their vehicles. Their new hard approach promises drivers of untaxed vehicles – if you don’t tax your vehicle on time the DVLA will take it away!

The 11 areas of the UK being targeted have seen the highest number of prosecutions and enforcements in 2018. These are: London, Northern Ireland, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Sheffield, Cardiff, Nottingham, Bristol, Leicester and Coventry. In London alone there were 27,605 vehicles clamped and 94,550 fines or penalties imposed.

DVSA makes paying roadside fines easier

The DVSA rolled out a new system to make the payment of ‘on the spot’ or roadside fines easier…They said: DVSA examiners have the power to carry out spot checks on commercial vehicle drivers in England, Scotland and Wales. They can give you a fine (called a fixed penalty) if you commit an offence.

You can now pay these fines using the secure pay a DVSA roadside fineservice on GOV.UK, instead of using Chip and PIN at the roadside.
The service is available 24-hours a day and can be accessed anywhere in the world. It works on mobile phones, tablets and computers. It lets you pay:
• fixed penalties for vehicle defects and other offences such as breaking the rules around drivers’ hours
• immobilisation fees
• court deposits

You can either pay the fine yourself or ask for it to be sent to your company to pay it for you. The rules for when you can be fined, how much you have to pay and the deadline for paying the fine are not changing.

Foreign-registered vehicles
Foreign-registered vehicles are subject to the same rules as vehicles registered in Great Britain, but UK-based drivers will still have 28 days to pay fixed penalties.

However, it would seem that even though HMG can make fines and prosecutions easier, they still can’t sort out the ECMT permit situation!