Our thanks to the team at Backhouse Jones for the article in their worthy newsletter ‘Backchat’ concerning the amendment laid before Parliament to amend the minimum wage and National living wage which takes effect from 1st April this year.

From that date the new levels are as follows:
• 25+ years of age – £7.83 (previously £7.50)
• 21-24 years of age – £7.38 (previously £7.05)
• 18-20 years of age – £5.90 (previously £5.60)
•The accommodation offset will be £7.00 per day (previously £6.40).

Also to note – the Employment Rights Act (Itemised Pay Statement – amendment) Order 2018 will bring into force a requirement for employers to itemise payslips to show the number of hours paid for, where a worker is paid an hourly rate. Currently, under section 8 Employment Rights Act 1996, only the total net and gross amounts of pay and any applicable deductions, have to be shown on a payslip. The Order is due to come into force on 6 April 2019.