The data and analysis company Twentyci have just published their Q4 Property and Homemover report. There are some interesting facts that anyone in removals and self-storage should have a look at. The full report is available at:

However in short they say ‘Our Property & Homemover Report is published quarterly and covers the whole of the UK property market, with exclusive access to more than 29 billion qualified data points across the whole of the property sector – for both property purchases and rental.

In addition to tracking sales momentum, this ‘state of the nation’ report provides unique insight into the people behind the numbers, creating a picture of the demographic, regional and socio-economic factors impacting the housing market.

With a 99.6% view of both the property sales and rental markets, our Property & Homemover Report is the most comprehensive factual source of home moving data and insight available.

Key Findings for Q4 2017:
• 2017 sees a return to stability. Exchanges are up 1% year-on-year across the UK and the average house price has increased by 3.3% to £298k, with most exchanges taking place within the £100-£200k bracket. Wales has a buoyant housing market showing an 11% increase in exchanges year-on-year
• Renting is on the rise. Big cities such as Manchester and Newcastle now show that the rental market has grown to be equal to, or bigger, than the sales market, but Scottish cities are suffering from a lack of available rental stock. A reduction in available London rental property is showing, yet has failed to translate into an increase in people buying homes
• The changing face of the housing market. The Silver Economy dominates the housing market while Millennials are struggling to get on the housing ladder and are opting to rent

Courtesy of TwentyCi