It appears hundreds of people have lost their belongings after a major fire in Shurgard’s self-store property in Purley Way, Croydon. The fire is said to have started around 7.45pm on Monday, and thankfully no injuries were reported.

A number of local and national news outlets reported that around 120 firefighters were involved in tackling this devastating fire, which appears to have destroyed all of the 1,198 storage units in the building. An assistant commissioner of the London Fire Brigade said the fire had been ‘challenging’, advising local residents to keep their windows and doors shut and taking steps to close roads near the premises. The brigade was called at 19:47 and a team of around 70 firefighters remained at the scene over night to ensure the blaze was completely damped down.

Customers have been told it was “highly unlikely” any items would be salvaged.

In an email reported to have been sent by Shurgard, the company said ‘”We are devastated by this event and we sympathize with your loss. Please accept our sincerest apologies.” It added the fire started “despite the appropriate safety measures”.

According to one source a Shurgard spokesman said: “The entire building has been destroyed. Shurgard will undertake every effort to support all customers for which the event means a loss of their stored goods. As a first measure, a dedicated Shurgard team will be contacting every customer of the store within the next 48 hours to help them and support them with their claim procedures.”

The cause of the fire is not yet known.


Our thanks to the London Fire Brigade for the images.