If you are exhibiting at this year’s show and have a question, it’s worth checking the FAQ’s below – these are the things we have been asked the most over the last few years.

Q – Is there free parking onsite?
A – There is plenty of parking at the Ricoh Arena, but it is chargeable. As an exhibitor you will receive at least one free parking pass which will need to be displayed at all times – please check the Exhibitor Manual for full details.

Q – How do I register for staff passes?
A – The Exhibitor Manual contains a link to a special Exhibitor Staff registration portal online. If you would prefer, you can register your staff by emailing us their names by the end of October please. It is important that you use this process and don’t register your staff via the public registration system.

Q – What time can I start setting up on 18th November?
A – We normally aim to have the hall safe and ready for exhibitors to enter by around 14:00 on the build day, and we stay onsite until around 18:30. You can also get access from 08:00 on the Tuesday if you have any quick setting up or finishing off to do. The rules are different for vehicle and container exhibitors, who are asked to arrive in the morning to position in the hall. Full details are provided in the Exhibitor Manual, and are emailed directly to vehicle and container exhibitors before the show.

Q – What is included in the stand package?
A – Shell scheme stand packages include walls, carpet, a name board, a 2 amp plug socket and basic lighting unless agreed otherwise. All exhibitors also receive basic listings on our website and in the printed Exhibition Guide.

Q – How do I order furniture?
A – We have a supplier for rental furniture, and they have a huge range available. Their ordering process is part of the Exhibitor Manual, which you now should have received. You are also welcome to bring furniture with you if you prefer.

Q – Is there wifi in the hall?
A – Yes – there is free wifi that can be used by all exhibitors and visitors. If you require a strong connection for demonstrations or online work, we recommend that you book dedicated bandwidth or a wired connection. We can provide the booking form for this on request.

Q – What colour is the carpet?
A – The carpet on stands will be light grey unless you elect to change the colour – a cost applies for this, and the order form is available as part of the Exhibitor Manual.

Q – How can I fix things to my stand?
A – Posters and other lightweight items can be fixed using velcro hook and loop pads. You will require the ‘hook’ part, which is the scratchier of the two. You can buy these in most major stationery shops and online.

Q – When will I receive my stand number?
A – Because we sell space by the metre, it’s difficult to predict how many stands will end up being in each block. For that reason, we don’t usually provide stand numbers until a few weeks before the event. However, if you require one for promotional purposes, do let us know as we can normally assign a few numbers in advance.

Q – Can I invite a customer from a different industry?
A – Yes, but please do talk to us first. We regularly monitor registrations, and contact anyone who isn’t working within the industry to check their eligibility. We would hate to accidentally upset your clients, so do please warn us.

Q – Is the cafe in the hall open during the build day?
A – Not usually, although we’re hoping to have a small catering offering ready by late afternoon on Monday. However, there is a cafe directly opposite the exhibition hall run by the venue.

Q – Can I drive into the hall to unload?
A – Only if you are unloading very early and have special permission. Otherwise, we’ll get you as close as possible to the loading bay doors when you are unloading. Please see the Exhibitor Manual for full details.

Q – Can I arrange a delivery to the venue before the show? 
A – That will depend on the size of the item and how busy the venue is in the days leading up to our event. Last year they were very helpful, and we were able to assist everyone who needed an advance delivery. Get in touch, and we’ll do our best.

Q – Can I put leaflets on the cafe tables? 
A – The lounge area is sponsored, so this isn’t possible – the sponsoring companies will have full rights to branding in that space.