Prop-Tech firm, Olivia, claims around 50% of agents miss leads because their office is closed at weekends and during the evenings. CEO and Co-founder, Sachin Pabari said ‘We believe that a lead is only engaged once they have spoken to a real person, too many agents are still relying on old fashioned forms. Effectively, in the online world, agents are allowing customers to walk into their shop and instantly greeting them with a form to complete, which would be an unthinkable approach in the real world’

Olivia claims to utilise respected US start-ups teams of real people to respond to agents’ online enquiries in under two minutes, 24 hours a day and says it has now processed over 250,000 messages from applicants on behalf of UK estate agents and it insists that its industry-leading 24/7 response time ‘dramatically increases the viewings and valuations generated from portal, valuation and social media enquiries.’

Sachin went on to say ‘The old sales funnel that we all learnt was not designed for today’s social world. Leads should no longer be treated only as potential sales, but rather as potential advocates for your business; by focusing on delighting your customer at every touch point, you unlock the potential for each and every customer to deliver more business through positive feedback and referrals’.

Is it time to consider the same approach for movers? As far as we are aware most still close at 5pm on a Friday and remain closed till 9am on the Monday. Is it time to look at longer opening hours or is there no need?