December produced a news story about the singer Lily Allen and her troubles in moving back to her flat in London. However, what caught our eye was the removal company responsible for moving her tenant out which turned out to be our friends DBM Express! The gang from DBM Express attended The Movers & Storers Show back in November, where Florin came third in the 2017 Britain’s Strongest Mover Competition.
We asked Office Manager Bianca for a comment and she said:
“We had quite a few people sending this over to us (the original article is at by Sarah White for Mailonline), and yes, a bit of publicity is always good. We did her move over two days and our crew had to deal with paparazzi being around questioning them, which wasn’t easy. All we can really say is that Maria was under a lot of stress whilst she was trying to secure her new property but so far to us she has been really nice and we don’t know much of her circumstances. She has been planning her move for a long time and she was supposed to move a lot earlier but there were delays in getting the papers ready with the landlord for the new place. Only on Tuesday she received the go ahead and this is when we started the removal service for her. For some reason, we came across lately with so many customers in similar situations like hers. I am glad it is all sorted now and hope they can all find the peace they need’.
We wish all involved a happy Christmas – in particular DBM Express Movers who sound like they need a break now to recover!