Like many others we were fascinated by the retrofit idea from Green Urban Technologies recently featured on the Bespoke Bodies stand at The Movers & Storers Show. The piece of equipment on display provided operators with an understanding of how they could satisfy the upcoming Euro 6 emissions requirements without renewing large parts of their fleets.

The company say ‘In addition to London’s uLEZ being introduced in September 2019, a further five ‘Clean Air Zones’ will be in force in other UK cities within the next 3 years, with a further 10 within the next eight years. Although the emissions standards for the new Clean Air Zones have not yet been finalised, it is highly likely that they will follow London’s example and require EURO 6 as a minimum standard.’

So what is the retrofit all about? The technical aspects are best left to Green Urban to explain. They say ‘The system can provide solutions to achieve Euro 6 NOx levels when fitted to dirtier early Euro level engines. The ecoNOxt will achieve typical Ultra Low and Clean Air zone requirements UK and overseas, on and off road.

The SCR catalyst reduces NOx (NO/NO2) by injecting and diffusing AdBlue (an aqueous dilution of Urea) into the exhaust stream upfront of the catalysts then converting the AdBlue (Urea) into gaseous ammonia (NH3) within the exhaust.

The gaseous ammonia reacts across the SCR catalysts removing some of the oxygen content to leave harmless Nitrogen (N2) and Water Vapour. When integrated with our ecotrap DPF the system also reduces carbon monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC), and Particulate Matter (PM) to Euro 6 PM levels. The sensor based AdBblue injection system is managed by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which controls the amount of AdBlue being dosed by obtaining feedback from dual NOx sensors positioned Upstream and Downstream of the SCR catalysts. An Ammonia Slip Catalyst Coating is also used at the rear section of the catalysts to prevent any excess ammonia being released from the exhaust. The system can be specified with the optional features of limp home and remote access to emissions reduction and system performance data, in line with emerging Ultra Low and Clean Air Zone market demands.’

I do hope you were paying attention as I may ask questions later. Seriously something has to be done if you want to continue providing a viable removal service not just in the UK’s capital city but in many others including Leeds – Derby – Nottingham – Birmingham and Southampton.

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