This particular stowaway turned out to be a huntsman spider roughly the size of a guinea pig! The container had been shipped from Australia and was being unpacked at Britannia’s Merstham head office and warehouse. Suddenly three burly removal men ran from the container. One of the company’s managers, Dave Aldridge, coolly identified the spider and gathered him up in a lunchbox and took him home for his son to see before being handed over to the RSPCA.

The non-venomous spider measured about 18cms across, had been nesting in some garden items stowed at the back of the container and existing on bugs for the whole journey. The RSPCA officer said ‘it seems he was thankfully able to find food during the length of time, but it’s a long time to go without water’.
Dave was later informed that the huntsman can grow to 30 cms in leg span to which he replied ‘I don’t think I’d be so brave if it was that big’!