Okay, I mentioned Brexit once but please don’t stop reading!!!

Our thanks to The Mover Magazine who published a story this month about Mario Amato who is Head of Group Business Development at White & Company and was invited to join a business led steering committee as part of a Home Office initiative. It appears those invited were representative of businesses employing high levels of both UK and EU workers.

Mario commented: “We employ a large number of EU national workers and having spoken to our staff we were keen to get their views and concerns aired and what better way than to the government officials responsible for creating the blueprint that will be put forward. Sadly, what we are hearing both from our own staff and generally is that many EU workers feel unwelcome, because of the uncertainty of their residency status post Brexit. We need to alleviate these concerns in a positive manner and with the appropriate tools to help them rest assured that employers and the government are working together during this time”.

Many movers and aligned businesses will already have noticed a reluctance of EU nationals to remain after Brexit. In fact we are hearing from several prominent firms in the industry of the crisis they feel is descending upon them. One mover we spoke to said “If I was brutally honest I’m unsure what’s going to happen with my European workers but this has the potential to fold some businesses. Rumour has it in the container industry they are really struggling as all the European drivers are heading home due to Brexit. Apparently the wait for a container is now 10 days instead of 2 days”. We have checked this and have been told that even 10 days is optimistic!

So with all this in mind we felt it timely to provide a session in the Seminar Theatre at the Movers and Storers Show dedicated to this very subject. This will be on Wednesday 21 November at 13:30 with panellists Mario Amato (White & Co), James Backhouse (Backhouse Jones) and Matt Faizey (M&G Transport). If you are concerned and would like to find out what you can do to prevent a mass exodus of your European staff, then come along and join in the debate!

You can read the full article about Mario Amato joining the government steering committee in The Mover Magazine here.