A decade ago Britain introduced legislation to ban smoking in the workplace, which includes the cab of a van or lorry as well as company cars. There are exceptions to this law, primarily for owner-drivers who don’t share space in their vehicle with another individual. Even then, the law would apply if an apprentice or person under 18 was present.

There are tough penalties for non-compliance, with drivers liable to paying fines of up to £200 if caught. For the owner of the vehicle this rises to a maximum of £2,500, and a further £1,000 if they have failed to display ‘no smoking’ signs.

However, there is currently no legislation in place covering e-cigarettes or vapes. That said, most companies will have covered this in their employment policies…..or will they?

It may be worthwhile taking a few minutes to just check that your own employment policies are compliant with the current legislation, check that you have ‘no smoking’ signs displayed in all your company vehicles as well as in the back of your vans and lorries, and see if you’re covering the use of e-cigarettes and vapes as well.