We received a timely reminder recently from transport solicitors Backhouse Jones about the mandatory introduction of the Smart Tachographs from 15 June 2019. These new machines will, using GPS, automatically record:
• The starting place of the daily work period
• Every three hours of accumulated driving time
• The end place of the daily working period

The new ‘Annex 1C’ compliant tacho aims to reduce administrative processes and digital tachograph tampering. The ‘smart tachos’ will use a GPS to record the start and end location of the drivers work and record every 3 hours of driving time. In order for operators to use the 1C tachos, they will need to update their download tools and analysis software.

Stopping vehicles to check the tachograph will no longer be necessary with enforcement officers being able to use short range devices to check tachos up to 190m away.

However the enforcement officers do not need to be equipped with remote early detection equipment until March 2031…on the other hand some may be equipped before you!
Information recorded by the tachograph such as the most recent security breach attempt, whether the driver has a valid card and motion data errors will be transmitted. Drivers’ hours and break times will also be included to measure if the driver has exceeded daily driving limits.

If you would like further information, please contact a member of Backhouse Jones Regulatory team on 01254 828300.