Did you hear that Amazon are launching a service that will let couriers open your front door to deliver a parcel? Apparently if you use Amazon Key and install a smart lock and a Cloud Cam Camera, the delivery agent will be able to gain access to your home. The minute your lock is opened the camera starts recording and you can watch the delivery taking place live from your Smart phone or download a short video later.

It’s claimed the system can also be used by dog-walkers, invited guests and even window cleaners. Perhaps it may become the answer to late key exchanges in the moving market. Just think how convenient it would be for your guys to gain access and start delivering the removal without having to wait for the keys to be released (assuming the money has transacted etc. why not?).
Currently the trials are being rolled out in 37 US cities and only in association with Amazon Logistics although their rivals Nest have also launched a similar remote access system.

Just a thought, I wonder what would happen if the family Doberman reached the door before the delivery men?