This month we are featuring a small van in our regular column on preserved trucks. We all know that to operate a successful removals business that moves all types of property, as wide a range of vehicles as possible is needed to ensure access, correct load size and weight and obviously to deliver packaging materials pre-move. This particular van is a 1953 Morris 8 Z which amazingly has been with the original owner, Rainbow Removals from Birmingham, since new and is still in regular daily use delivering packaging material in around the Birmingham area.

The van is believed to be one of the last of this type made before the introduction of the popular Morris Minor variant. Purchased from local dealer, Oliver U Tullet in May 1953 for the princely sum of £756, it has only seen full body restoration back in 1980.

Rainbow Removals are also still very much in existence. They were established back in 1922 by Frederick Rainbow who had previously worked as an engine driver for GWR at their then Tyseley branch. Frederick had been late for work twice in 10 years, and he was told if it happened again he would be dismissed!

On thinking things over he went to work the next day and handed in his notice. He then bought his first removal truck and the long established business of Rainbow Removals was born. He died at the age of 75 and the firm was taken over by his son, Raymond who was 38 years of age at the time. He went on to expand the business and in 1990 built his own 120 container warehouse which was viewed as his crowning glory.

Sadly he died in 2007 at the young age of 80 and never had a day off work.

This truly is a family business. Raymond’s sons, Martin and Simon took over the reigns at that point and are the current family members at the helm although even now the fourth Rainbow generation member, Fiona, is studying accountancy and business studies with a view to being the latest Rainbow to progress the business.

We wish them well and long may they continue to represent the Rainbow family name in the Birmingham area. The brothers present goal is to see out the century which is in just four years time.